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The Key to Leadership

An Experiment: Learning from the past, reaching out to the future

The Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme with its rich history and focus on innovation combines this respect for experience and wisdom with a curiosity about the future.

Without a doubt the greatest strength of the Strategic Leadership Programme is its alumni - coming as they do from all over the world. Since the programme’s inception in 1982 we have built relationships with leaders who represent many different sectors, cultures and approaches at the highest level.

Our first Fringe Event "The Key To Leadership" traversed this territory. We gathered 14 alumni to co-create an intimate space where they could come together to share ideas, experiences and knowledge about their personal leadership - whilst forging a physical symbol of their collective belonging: a key. For this we combined modern and traditional techniques, using 3D printers and a foundry.

Yet, how to maintain that far flung connection in a way that feels natural with the programme? How to continue to serve our alumni with useful ideas? How to continue to learn from them?

Innovation on the Strategic Leadership Programme

What has emerged from this first event is a creative and innovative thread which will be weaved into the Strategic Leadership Programme from the next iteration in November 2013. Throughout the week participants will have the opportunity to create their own Key to Leadership using technology and the long standing smithery skills that have stood the test of time. Through creating this beautiful, symbolic object it will enable the leaders on this programme to take away a lifelong reminder of their time at the Saïd Business School. 

Throughout the programme all participants will have a chance to engage with creative activities with Strategic Leadership team and share the outcomes on a private space for their cohort to view, enjoy and share with each other. This space will be available to the participants to continue the conversations after the programme both online and at the Fringe events in the future.

We are excited about the potential this experiment has for the future of the Strategic Leadership Programme and the benefits our Alumni will experience as they continue their leadership journey. 

Please do follow and share the journey during the November iteration from 17-22 November via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


The Key To Leadership OSLP Fringe Event was organized in collaboration with Smithery.


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