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The Global Opportunities and Threats: Oxford (GOTO) platform and course are designed to engage the Saïd Business School community in addressing some of the most complex issues that the world faces today: students, alumni and faculty can connect via this online platform to discuss, debate, and drive new business ideas that address global issues. The GOTO community addresses problems across generations, across nations and across business sectors.

Focus topics in the past have included Big Data, Demographic ChangeWater Management and Markets and The Future of Work. The 2017/18 academic year will introduce a new topic - The Future of Healthcare.

The course is designed to be action-oriented and requires MBA students to prepare for a series of one-hour tutorials. The course is delivered by both a technological platform and the more intimate setting of small group tutorials. Although the platform will contain expert-curated content in the form of videos, images and text, the platform is not designed as simply an online teaching site. Rather, it will form the centre of a problem-solving community: users will be able to generate content by uploading and referencing other material, posting comments and engaging in the discussion of posted papers.


The GOTO course marks the re-introduction of tutorials – a hallmark of an Oxford education - into the MBA programme. Tutorials represent a core responsibility and they have the potential to add substantially to your experience, by developing your skills in critical thinking and impactful communication.

In Oxford tutorials, small groups of students meet with a tutor to engage in a critical, analytical and reflective discussion about a particular topic. Tutorials are not mini-lectures. They are Socratic interchanges in which the material is presented by the tutee, following which the tutor questions the assumptions, argument and evidence that have been put forward. The tutees and tutor discuss the students’ papers, so that their understanding of the topic is improved, as well as their methods of formulating and presenting an argument. This is the same format that you can anticipate with GOTO tutorials.

Although, the tutors are not subject experts, they are experts in thinking critically and analytically. MBAs can therefore expect to be required to articulate arguments clearly; to be clear about the assumptions that they have made and the evidence that supports the argument; to know what factors could be subject to change so that outcomes are different; to have read and critically assessed the recommended literature; and to be aware of and have considered any contentious elements in the argument. The role of the tutor will be to facilitate a debate; to question the group; to probe the depth of understanding and to ensure that it is analytically robust. In addition, the tutor will encourage critical interaction within the tutorial group.

You can find out more via the GOTO website. Or click on the image below to hear from former MBA student Alind Choudry, who, in conversation with Saïd Business School Professor Alastair Nicholson, discusses the GOTO Project from his point of view as a student working on the project as well as it's relevance to the current business world.  

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