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28 Oct 2016
Prepare for your interview
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18 Nov 2016
Final decision
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9 Dec 2016

Admissions process

Applications for September 2017

When applying for the MBA programme you should complete the online application form, ensuring that your select MBA under the programme of interest, and apply by one of the below 6 stage deadlines. Please note that we reserve the right to close applications after stage 5.



Admissions deadlines

Below are the new stage deadlines for the 2017 admissions cycle:

  Apply by Interview decision by Final decision by
Stage 1 09 September 2016 23 September 2016 14 October 2016
Stage 2 28 October 2016 18 November 2016 09 December 2016
Stage 3 06 January 2017 27 January 2017 03 March 2017
Stage 4 17 March 2017 07 April 2017 28 April 2017
Stage 5 05 May 2017 19 May 2017 09 June 2017
Stage 6 09 June 2017 23 June 2017 07 July 2017

Application requirements

The MBA Admissions Committee considers a wide range of criteria, to apply to our MBA you need to meet the following requirements:

  1. An undergraduate degree
  2. Relevant professional experience detailed in a 1-page CV
  3. GMAT or GRE score
  4. English test (if required)
  5. References
  6. Mandatory essays: 
    • How do you fit with Oxford Saïd's mission? (Maximum 500 words)
    • Is there anything not covered in the application form which you would like the Admissions Committee to know about you? (Maximum 250 words)
  7. A completed online application form
To learn more about what is expected under each entry requirement, please visit the application requirements page.

Introduce yourself

Our MBA attracts a very diverse group of candidates. We receive applications from over 85 different nationalities, and a variety of professional and academic backgrounds. We expect our applicants to be exceptional. We look for evidence that you will make the most of your time here, that you will contribute to the life of the School, and that your classmates will be better for having met you.

We have a number of ways in which you can identify if you are the type of candidate we are looking for from an academic, professional and personal capacity:

Profile assessment and CV review

Our admissions office will be happy to review your CV, assess your academic and professional profile and determine whether it fits with the type of candidate we are looking for. Please complete the online profile assesment form and attach your CV. 

We recommend you use the CV template to draft your CV for our attention. We aim to provide you with a response within ten working days; however, we may take longer during busy periods due to the volume of requests we receive.

Connect with a Recruitment Manager

Our MBA Recruitment Managers are equiped to review your profiles further. We can also assist with any specific programme related queries and provide details regarding how we can support you through the application process. This can involve GMAT prep support, connecting you with our Oxford community, or identifying the key traits we look for in a candidate. Please contact any of our recruitment managers for support, or select a recruitment manager relevant to your region:

Raquel Lison - Associate Director MBA Recruitment (Maternity)

Tammy Brophy - MBA Recruitment Manager - Africa & women globally

Aidan O'Halloran - MBA Recruitment Manager - Europe, UK & Middle East

Jie Yang - MBA Recruitment Manager - East Asia & South East Asia

Submit your application

Submit your application

You need to submit your application form and supporting materials by your chosen application deadline:

  • Full academic transcripts
  • 1-page CV with relevant professional experience
  • GMAT or GRE score report
  • English test (if required)
  • 2 References
  • Mandatory Essays:
    • How do you fit with Oxford Saïd's mission? (Maximum 500 words)
    • Is there anything not covered in the application form which you would like the Admissions Committee to know about you? (Maximum 250 words)
  • A completed online application form



Once your application has been submitted a member of the admissions team will process it and contact you should any supporting document be missing (this may take up to two weeks). As soon as your application is complete, it will be forwarded to the Admissions Committee for its review.

We recommend that you apply at the early stages: 

  • We are unable to guarantee that there will be places left in the later stages
  • The sooner you apply the sooner you can start planning your move to Oxford and securing your visa (if required)
  • You are more likely to be successful in securing a place in a particular college, or college accommodation, if you submit your application in the earlier stages
  • To be considered for the majority of scholarships available you must submit your application by stage 3.

Our application process requires you to fill in an online application form. The application fee amounts to £150 and is not refundable.

Admissions deadlines

Please submit your application by one of the 6 stage deadline dates:

  Apply by
Stage 1 09 September 2016
Stage 2 28 October 2016
Stage 3 06 January 2017
Stage 4 17 March 2017
Stage 5 05 May 2017
Stage 6 09 June 2017


Prepare for your interview

Prepare for your interview

The admissions committee will review your complete application. You will be notified on the interview decision deadline whether you have been short-listed for an interview. Interviews with short-listed candidates will be conducted by either a Faculty member, senior member of our administrative staff, or a Sector Consultant. These can take place in person at Oxford or overseas, or via Skype, if you are unable to travel to an interview location.

Interviews last about 30 minutes and you will be asked questions about your background and your aspirations, and how the MBA programme fits with your plans. We recommend that you prepare for this interview as you would for a job interview.

Interview decision deadline

Interviews will be scheduled with short-listed candidates and will take place at our Oxford MBA open days, during our Oxford interview days, overseas or through Skype.

You will be informed if you have been selected for an interview on:

  Interview decision by
Stage 1 23 September 2016
Stage 2 18 November 2016
Stage 3 27 January 2017
Stage 4 07 April 2017
Stage 5 19 May 2017
Stage 6 23 June 2017


Final decision

Final decision

After all interviews have been conducted, the admissions committee will decide which candidates will receive an offer to join the MBA programme. Final decisions will be emailed to all candidates on the final decision deadline of the stage in which you have applied.

After your interview there are two possible outcomes:

1. You are made an offer to join the programme: If you receive an offer, you will

As an Oxford student, you will belong to one of the University’s 38 colleges. College life will enrich your time at Oxford, offering you the chance to socialise with students and faculty from diverse academic backgrounds. Colleges are a focus for sporting and cultural activity: teams compete with each other in sports such as rowing, cricket, and rugby; plays and musicals are staged in college halls and gardens; and concerts take place in college chapels and quadrangles. Whichever college you choose, you will develop a strong loyalty that will stay with you way beyond graduation. Colleges have their own alumni societies and professional networks, which complement those offered by Oxford University and Saïd Business School.

If you wish to be a graduate student at the University of Oxford, you must become a member of a college as well as being accepted by Saïd Business School. If you have been offered a place in the programme, the Admissions team will contact you and request your college preference at that time. We will then forward your application to your chosen college. The Admissions team will guide you through this process. You will be invited to attend one of our Oxford experience weekends where you can interact with other incoming MBA students, current students, faculty and staff. 

2. You are not successful at securing a place this year: We welcome you to re-apply the following year. If you were not totally suited to the MBA programme at the time of applying, we would like to encourage you to re-apply in the future. The admissions committee will look to see how you’ve progressed since the time of your previous application.

Final decision deadline

You will be informed of the committee's final decision on:

  Final decision by
Stage 1 14 October 2016
Stage 2 09 December 2016
Stage 3 03 March 2017
Stage 4 28 April 2017
Stage 5 09 June 2017
Stage 6 07 July 2017


28 October 2016
18 November 2016
9 December 2016

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