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Information alone is not knowledge.
Knowledge alone is not wisdom.
Wisdom alone won’t guarantee success.
But nothing starts without information. 

Chris Flegg, Bodleian Business Librarian

Oxford has the largest university library system in the UK, comprising 100 physical libraries and a world leading digital archive.

The Sainsbury Library

The Sainsbury Library is Saϊd Business School’s own dedicated resource. In addition to housing the main print collection for books supporting the School’s programmes, it is the starting point for access to all the online information resources in the fields of management, business and finance, including company data, industry and market analyses, business and management journals and specialist reports, nearly all available via remote online access, 24-7. Experienced library staff are available for advice and help on how to use advanced search tools to carry out research for course projects and theses. As a student at Saϊd Business School, your username and password unlocks the full power of this impressive service as well as those of the collective set of 28 Oxford libraries that collectively make up the Bodleian Libraries.

This physical library offers a spacious state-of-the-art facility, fully equipped with work spaces, wireless and networked computers, printers and copiers.

The Bodleian Libraries

At the heart of this system stands the fabled Bodleian Library, which has been illuminating scholars since 1602. It contains 120 miles of bookshelves, and over 11 million books, and enough space in its reading rooms to seat more than two thousand researchers. 

The Bodleian Libraries attract millions of researchers from around the globe to their incomparable treasures – not only books, manuscripts and journals, but also pictures, sculptures, coins, medals, musical scores and ‘curiosities’.

In addition, each college has its own collection, developed to serve the needs of its own college community.

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