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Recognition of High-Impact Alumni at Oxford Saïd

On Wednesday, 22nd February, the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School announced the recognition of three outstanding alumni that are using their careers to effect positive change. The recognition took place during the closing plenary of the Social Impact Careers Conference; an event that highlights diverse routes to impact and features leading professionals from a variety of industries, sectors, and organisations.

In 2016 the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and the Alumni Relations Office at the Saïd Business School launched an initiative to track, recognise, and celebrate the range of high-impact careers of Oxford Saïd alumni. In particular, this initiative aimed to recognise both those that have founded social enterprises and those who are effecting change within organisations. This aligns to the School’s belief that positive social and environmental change can be created through a diverse range of career paths.

The three Oxford Saïd alumni who were acknowledged are:

Candice Motran, Investment Director, Big Society Capital

Candice joined Big Society Capital in 2013. Big Society Capital is the social investment wholesaler in the UK. She works on the Investment team with a focus on communities, health and social care, as well as impact strategy and measurement.

'I am beyond honoured to be recognised, especially given the breadth and depth of issues my peers are addressing. The Said Business School values more than just maximising graduate salaries, which I am very grateful for. The world needs more organisations focused on rewarding collective action and harnessing the immense potential and power of business for good. At Big Society Capital as a wholesale social investor, it’s sometimes hard to see the direct impact our investments have however that is always at the heart of our decision-making. Thank you to Oxford Saïd for this important initiative.’

Tom Ravenscroft, Founder and CEO, Enabling Enterprise

Tom found Enabling Enterprise in 2009 after two years of teaching in a challenging school in East London as part of the Teach First programme. Enabling Enterprise works to ensure that one day, all students develop the enterprise skills, experiences of work, and aspirations to succeed.

‘I'm absolutely delighted for the work that I've done in setting up Enabling Enterprise to be recognised by the Saïd Business School in this way. I have always felt intensely grateful for my time at Oxford and it has really driven what I have done since: Firstly, because it equipped me with the knowledge and ways of thinking to turn the idea I developed as a teacher after finishing at Oxford into a social enterprise. Secondly because Enabling Enterprise is about making sure that every child and young person gets to build the skills, understanding of the world, and aspirations to succeed during their education. 

It's great that the Saïd Business School is doing so much to promote social enterprise and high impact careers, and I'm sure it will ensure that more Oxford graduates are equipped and motivated to make a really positive impact in the world.’

Anshu Taneja, Country Director for India, VisionSpring

Anshu joined as the Country Director for India at VisionSpring in 2013. VisionSpring is a 2009 Skoll Awardee and an internationally acclaimed social enterprise working with people earning less than $4 a day. Its mission is to provide access to affordable eyewear, everywhere.

‘I am thankful and humbled to receive this honour. This recognition would go a long way in creating awareness for the cause and catalysing social impact. This in turn would help millions of underprivileged people live a dignified, productive, and high quality life - a life that they richly deserve.

It all begins with a faint voice inside which nudges us that we have a responsibility towards those who are less fortunate than we are. I would urge everyone to be guided by this voice as this will make the world an even more beautiful place.'

These three individuals were further celebrated at an evening networking reception and dinner, where Oxford Saïd students, alumni, and special guests were able to meet and connect.


Peter Tufano, Peter Moores Dean of the Saïd Business School said:

'I am proud to recognise these committed Oxford Saïd alumni who are using their talents to address a variety of important problems in the world.'